All foods and additives not included in the test analysis should be avoided during the first 8 to 10 weeks following the test. Afterwards, you should proceed as follows:

If you would like to try a food which has not been tested, you should note any health problems that occur in the following week. You should also limit yourself to reintroducing one untested food at a time into your diet so that if you do get a response you will know which food has caused it. If you do not have any adverse reactions to the food then you may continue to include it in your rotational diet. Also observe your body weight. If you experience an increase of body weight of approximately 1kg or more overnight after having introduced a non-tested food, it is likely that you react to this food. Increase of body weight overnight is a sign of an inflammatory response to the food. A consequence of an inflammatory response is the retention of water which you can see on your scale.

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