Cooked milk is milk boiled for at least 30 minutes, cooled down and the developed skin is removed. During boiling, the proteins of the milk are degraded and most of the antigenic structures are destroyed. In most cases, patients with a reaction to cow’s milk can tolerate boiled cow’s milk. Only if the reaction to cow’s milk is directed against a heat stable antigen does the intolerance also remain for boiled milk. If you boil the milk for 30 minutes and remove the skin, you should be able to drink it. Cooked milk contains the same amount of calcium as raw milk. Pasteurized milk is only heated for 15 seconds at 75°C. UHT milk is heated for 1-2 seconds to 135°C; this is to decontaminate the milk from infectious agents. The quality of the proteins of UHT milk is not altered. In other words, pasteurized milk and UHT milk are to be considered raw milk (with regard to ImuPro).

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