I have read that there is a lot of criticism of IgG tests, even from doctors. Critics say, for example, that not all foods tested positively lead to a symptom and so IgG tests deliver “false positive” results. How do I know that this criticism is not justified?

How do I know that this criticism is not justified?

Just because there is no visible symptom caused by IgG antibodies, it doesn’t mean there is no reaction at all. If the immune system builds IgG antibodies to attack a certain food you have eaten, this will lead to an inflammation, but this inflammation might not be visible from the outside. Secondly, ImuPro doesn’t claim to show a connection between a food and a certain symptom. It is a first step in finding foods that might cause you problems. ImuPro detects IgG antibodies against food, i.e. delayed food allergies. Our plan eliminates these foods from your diet so that the inflammation is stopped and your body can recover. Then the eliminated foods are reintroduced to your diet. This provocation is done one food at a time, and helps to identify specific foods which cause problems.

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