No. With ImuPro, we are testing antibodies to specific proteins of the concerned food. Lactose is not tested in our test, because lactose is not a protein but a sugar which cannot lead to antibody production. Lactose intolerance is an enzyme deficiency, either genetically or acquired. It is the inability to digest this sugar. Lactose-free milk contains the same proteins as normal milk. Milk contains up to 30 major proteins. Certainly, casein is the major protein of the milk, but we don’t differentiate in our test which protein has reacted. We see that when we test milk-positive patients for casein, a significant percentage of them do not react to casein, but to some other ingredients. So, if the patient can have casein-free milk, he might be able to tolerate it, but we cannot predict it. It would be best to totally eliminate milk products for the recommended time. After that, the patient should challenge himself, with the products he would like to reintroduce.

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